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March 29th, 2016 at 2:06am

Looking cool and being prepared for all types of weather can be tricky especially when you live in Florida due to the constantly diverse weather. In this look this Fashionista eloquently pulls off a minimal style with lots of texture and understated flair.

When it comes to styling minimal looks pairing staple pieces with some edge provides depth to any outfit. In this case, a simple duster coat, paired with a shredded fringe dress and minimalist accessories catches the eye without being too overbearing. The fit of clothing is very important to any minimal look. When key pieces fit properly, it creates a cohesive and visually pleasing aesthetic. Color is another excellent way to embrace minimalism, and to accentuate the key pieces. When styling natural tones, it gives off the appearance of a subtle but cool look. For instance, she paired neutral shoes, with a neutral bag but added visual appeal with the style of both.

When it comes to accessories, shapes and style are keenly shown off. This Fashionista’s sunglasses are a stunning cat-eye frame with sparkly detail. When it comes to her bag, the color is neutral but the bucket bag style is very on-trend. This bag is great to grab and go because you can throw your essentials for the day inside and trek on with your day. The ring is another accessory that ties this piece together due to its understated beauty. Lastly, to tie this look together, the shoes provide an interesting flair with only a slight heel that makes them functional and fashionable.

Overall, this look exudes cohesion, style and minimalistic vibes that are sure to stand out in the crowd. By pairing layers, texture and sticking to a neutral color palette this Fashionista keeps it RAD.

How To: When approaching a minimal style, look for classic silhouettes that flatter your shape. Pair your look with glitzy accessories to create some depth and bring some fun into the outfit.