ALL IN THE DETAILS: Million Dollar Look

August 18th, 2016 at 2:10am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Million Dollar Look

It’s a no brainer that when attending business school, it requires of us to put a bit more of an effort and time when it comes to dressing for an interview or presentation, since those are all part of it. More days than not, not everyone has the time to dress professionally, especially when we are talking early mornings. Among styles such as business casual or smart casual, there is also the business professional one. They always say that first impression is the last impression, so why would you not want to put a little more effort to look sharp? As you sit sipping a coffee and chatting with your classmates, waiting for the next class to start, you might wonder who is loudly walking with such confidence and determination behind you.

This Fashionisto is styling a pair of Ted Baker leather dress shoes, in a tan color. Believe me, these shoes make the big difference. The more you look at them, the more you wish you had them. The attention is grabbed by the dotted detailing around the shoe, as well as the shadow placed at the tip; not to mention the cool color and old-style imprint on the inside of the shoe. He is totally rocking the business professional look, by wearing a Canali classic fit suit, in a mid blue color. This color very well complements the browns he has around him. It has a spiffy and eye-catching look to it. He is also carrying a Giorgio Armani mid-brown leather bag, accompanied with a pair of Louis Vuitton brown sunglasses. As you can see, the browns in this look are totally winning the game. This Fashionisto is ready to impress everyone with his look, because it truly is, a million dollar look.

How To: If you want to get a similar look, style your business casual or business professional look by a pair of brown dress shoes from Steve Madden.