ALL IN THE DETAILS: Metallics and Minimalism

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Metallics and Minimalism

An oxymoron is defined as two contradicting terms that compliment each other. Oxymorons are most commonly associated with literature works, but can also be found in both everyday and runway fashion. Basic examples of this are pairings of lightweight summer dresses with leather jackets and the combination of metallic jewelry with casual outfits.

Dainty and elegant pieces of jewelry used to be most commonly associated with more formal outfits, as their simplicity suggested wealth and could easily be paired with numerous styles of formal without clashing or going out of date. However, layering pieces of simplistic style jewelry in varying lengths has become a popular choice for accessorizing casual outfits.

A key component of this trend however is balancing both the detailing and the color scheme of the outfit. Like the Fashionista’s outfit above, the main color is a neutral shade of blue that accentuates the dark denim of her jeans. Even the flannel shirt tied around her waste is black and white, two defining neutral colors. Because of this, the gold hues of her jewelry and shoes blend smoothly with the neutral hues and cream color of her bag. The silver detailing of her bag matches the silver rings on her fingers and helps blend the mixture of gold and silver jewelry.

Another key component of this outfit is the Fashionista’s hair and makeup. Her loose hair and natural makeup help add to the overall casual look.

How To: To pull off this look, start your outfit with simple clothing pieces in neutral tones before layering up jewelry in varying lengths.