April 17th, 2015 at 2:00am

In the past, mesh shirts could be found on the likes of wrestlers from the WWE, hard core punk rock fans and anyone whose hair style could be described as “business in the front, party in the back.” Maybe your last run-in with mesh was in fifth grade gym class with multicolored pinny jerseys to differentiate your teammates from your opponents in your game of basketball. Whatever you think of when you think of a mesh fabric, the word “stylish” probably does not enter your mind initially, but the world of fashion is ever-changing. Anything can look good if you know how to pull it off.

This Fashionista is here to show you how to do that. Her sweater is not full-blown mesh, but rather has some mesh details that make it incredibly unique and stylish. The mesh detailing around the neckline and on the arms almost gives the sweater a sporty vibe, making it casual, but appropriate to dress up, which is exactly what this Fashionista did. She kept a monochromatic theme and paired her sporty sweater with a pair of gray trousers. Much like the sweater, those pants can be dressed up or just be worn casually. She polishes off her incredibly chic look with a classic pair of black leather Chelsea boots and a killer leather tote bag.

How To: Give the trend a chance and invest in a mesh-detailed piece of clothing. A sweater like this Fashionista is wearing can be dressed up while still looking a bit edgy.