September 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

Summer came and went in the blink of an eye and the semester is back in session. As it is awesome to be reunited with friends, that relaxed summer routine has been replaced with the strict schedule of fall semester. Just because your weekly schedule isn’t as laidback as it used to be, doesn’t mean that your wardrobe can’t be. This Fashionista’s outfit incorporates a calm and collected mindset.

It always seems like the week before classes start, the weather is pleasant and can even seem brisk. Of course, when classes start, it’s like the weather Gods aren’t on our side. The blistering heat returns, making it seem like the middle of summer all over again as opposed to the beginning of fall. When the commute to class gets stuffy, the wardrobe has to help you breathe. This Fashionista’s choice of dress cools her off, while showing off her curves.

To keep the entire outfit simple (and I’m all for simplicity), she kept the color scheme black and white. A classic approach, as black and white is suitable in any season and a statement that is sure to turn heads. The staple of this look was her long black maxi skirt, great to elongate her figure. To complement the black of her skirt, she opted for a thin striped black and white crop top. There’s always the myth that wearing horizontal stripes makes your figure unflattering, but this Fashionista blows that out of the water. The truth is horizontal stripes make you look thinner and accentuate your womanly shape. The great part about her crop top is that the fabric is breathable and not too revealing, unlike some crop tops I have seen here or there in public. To finish off her look, this Fashionista kept the simplistic realm in play by wearing a pair of flat sandals with a silver buckle detail and even styling her hair in a relaxed beach wave.

How To: Looking for a simple way to stay stylish this semester? Throw on a sensible crop top with your favorite maxi skirt and you’ll be the coolest kid in school, literally. If you prefer to show skin somewhere other than the midriff, swap the crop top out for a tank top that is form fitting instead.