If you think accessories are just for girls, think again! This Fashionisto definitely pulls off this springy outfit, and perfectly ties it together with his accent pieces, and you can also easily copy this for yourself!

If we start from the ground up, we see this Fashionisto sporting some classic gray Vans shoes. Vans are a great go-to brand, and this style can go with anything, whether you’re going for a more casual look like in this situation, or if you’re feeling like it’s a button-up kind of day. As for those tight-rolled gray jeans, I am totally digging this trend. This is a great way to show off your shoes, some super cool socks or if it’s a little hot out and you just want to show some skin. I love how this Fashionisto’s blue bro tank top pulls out the skinny light blue lines of the same color in his shirt. Look for little colors like that to make them pop in another part of your wardrobe.

A watch is the perfect accessory for a guy since it is also practical.  Find a watch that matches your personality or the majority of clothes you own, whether it be a sportier one, more elaborate or a simple leather band. Beanies are not just meant to keep your head warm in the wintertime. Having a bad hair day? Throw on a simple beanie like this one, and you’ll be set.

From top to bottom, this Fashionisto ties in everything super well.  Find some simple everyday accessories, and you too can pull off a look like this!

How To: This Fashionisto isn’t wearing any fancy expensive bracelets, but simply rubbery ones. Just find those bracelets you get for free from events or organizations, and you have yourself some simple accessories! Or, just find some simple beaded ones like these.