ALL IN THE DETAILS: Make a Statement

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Make a Statement

Basic is the new black. Lately I’ve been seeing a ton of Fashionistas/os sporting super casual looks ranging from T-shirt dresses to a shirt and jeans. Although minimalism is a powerful fashion statement in itself, it’s always nice to give simple looks a pop, whether it’s with accessories or an oversized necklace like this Fashionista.

You might be wondering how to mix a bold statement necklace into your current minimalist wardrobe. This Fashionista rocks a simple black dress and all-black accessories, complete with a rhinestone necklace. The all-black ensemble is flattering and chic for all occasions. With the necklace as the focal point of her outfit, the studded purse and leather boots are simple complements to her look. Her necklace is also perfectly embellished so it can be worn with a daytime outfit or evening attire. With one bold statement piece, this Fashionista’s outfit it trouble free and effortless!

Throw on your most comfortable combat boots, a cross-body bag and your favorite sunnies and you’re ready for a weekend adventure, funky date night or a local music festival. There is nothing better than putting together a quick outfit that’s super comfortable and looks good, too!

How To: The best way to add some punch to a somewhat casual outfit is with a statement necklace. The key here is to keep the rest of your outfit very basic and minimal. Then, add the perfect statement necklace with either jewels, chains or rhinestones to give your look the pop it needed.