May 18th, 2016 at 2:00am

Spring is in full swing and Fashionistas are in full bloom. With all the fun, fresh trends to try this season, many Fashionistas are mixing elements of different styles to create a look that is completely their own. This results in unique outfits that feature varied textures as well as layers and are made special by close attention to detail. Spring is the ultimate season to play with layers like crocheted sweaters, mesh tops and light jackets, so don’t hold back when trying a new style!

This Fashionista achieves the ultimate seasonal look by dressing appropriately for both the warmer and cooler sides of spring. Her use of layers ensures that she will be able to easily transition her look to suit the inconstant weather. The red, fur-trimmed jacket is a bold feature of the outfit, although it is not overwhelming because she keeps the rest of the look mostly neutral. The longer, slightly oversized fit of the jacket balances the short skirt and keeps this Fashionista from getting too chilly. The rolled cuffs also add a relaxed feel, which helps balance the primarily feminine look.

This Fashionista expertly incorporated a cheeky T-shirt into her outfit, which has become an increasingly popular trend over the past several seasons. The bubblegum pink lettering on the plain white T-shirt is an unexpected detail that lightens her overall look and keeps it appropriate for spring. The pop of color also makes the shirt easy to layer underneath a bolder piece because of its simplicity.

How To: To achieve a look as effortlessly cool as this Fashionista’s, focus on layers. Throw a denim button-down over a T-shirt to create a casual vibe, or layer a pair of patterned socks over tights for a spunky, fun look. Layering is the perfect way to experiment with a new style because you can transform your entire look with a single piece of clothing. For instance, in the same way that a chiffon cardigan adds a polished and girly feel, a fringed vest instantly lends a bohemian quality to any outfit.