ALL IN THE DETAILS: Lovely in Lace

April 15th, 2015 at 2:00am

Ever had those mornings where you woke up and realized you didn’t have a full hour to plan your outfit? Or maybe you just simply feel like getting a little dolled up today, without all that hard work. No matter the reason, I have a secret that will really boost your outfit without looking like you tried at all!

Ready to hear the secret? The secret is, drumroll please…lace! That’s right! Although lace doesn’t have magic powers that can make you appear more dressed up, it does seem to have an effect on your overall outfit. Wearing lace can take any ordinary outfit into something really fun and girly! Take a look at our beautiful Fashionista here, dressed in a simple black tank top, distressed jeans (which she happened to distress herself), her comfy Vans shoes, a sorority bracelet and a simple but stylish necklace from Urban Outfitters. However, what really makes her outfit pop is that subtle but gorgeous lace bralette, which ties the whole outfit together while giving a splash of white in a nearly all-black outfit.

Lace is the perfect addition and actually the star of this outfit because it’s so simple yet so elegant. It gives your outfit a sense of class while not looking like you tried too hard. It’s the perfect way to create an effortlessly beautiful look, which can easily be achieved through any lace garment! Whether it be a lace shirt, lace bralette, lace dress or even a lace accessory (such as this necklace or headband)—your outfit is sure to shine with just that minor addition of lace!

How To: Have a favorite outfit but feel like trying something new? Why not add a lace cardigan or even do your own DIY project by adding lace to your favorite skirt! Mix things up and have some fun with a little bit of lace this spring!