ALL IN THE DETAILS: Looking Bomb in a Bomber

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Looking Bomb in a Bomber

It’s the midst of fall, and the gloomy, cold chill in the air is finally upon us. We dress in our flannels and bring out our scarves all in the effort to stay warm and comfortable when we hit the streets. What if there were a way to put the flannels aside for a moment and still stay warm, comfortable, and, most importantly, fashionable? Well, Style Gurus, there is and this Fashionista nailed it!

She wears her classic black ripped jeans (which are making a comeback this fall and winter) with a basic mauve T-shirt. Simple enough, right? Right. But just wait, because this Fashionista turns her simple look into something edgy with just three moves.

The first and most essential move was throwing on an amazing floral print bomber. The bomber adds dimension to the look, picking up the mauve color of her T-shirt and its flowers and matching her black pants. Who wouldn’t spot a piece like that coming down the street? It’s awesome!

The second move was putting on a pair of rad metallic slip-ons. These shoes make the look pop and give it a more modern, futuristic vibe. I love to see someone glide around in a moonwalk wearing these showstoppers!

The third and final move focused on her hair. This Fashionista pulled the two sides up in ponies and let the rest of her locks hang free. Her hairstyle brought out the spunk of her personality and added the finishing touches to her look!

This Fashionista killed it looking oh so bomb in her bomber!