ALL IN THE DETAILS: Load On The Leather

With cooler temperatures finally here we can break out our favorite wardrobe pieces for fall’s return back to campus. Classes are now in full swing and with each passing week we all feel the stress slowly starting to build, making it hard sometimes to put in the extra effort of getting dressed for class. This Fashionista shows one easy way to look cute by mixing both new and old items, and she does it while focusing on being comfy and cozy.

At this point in the semester it is tempting to throw all the summer clothes we brought to school under our bed and leave them there until we can bring them back home. But not all summer clothes need to be forgotten when the season changes and there is a chill in the air. This Fashionista proves that T-shirt dresses are a look that can be worn well into fall: all that’s needed to make a summer dress wearable for fall is simply layering on a chic leather jacket. Adding a classic leather jacket to a basic dress is a trend which never seems to fade because it gives the outfit a quick change with an edgy feel. The leather jacket this Fashionista is wearing is a unique piece that features an Aztec-inspired design on the back which adds a little something extra to the simple outfit. To play on the edgy look, this Fashionista adds very current and modern black leather cutout booties.

Complementing the jacket and shoes, she sports a headband in her hair that matches both perfectly. Finally, to complete the look she adds adorable classic gold jewelry and a matching clutch.

How to: Leather jackets pretty much go with any kind of dress. You can extend the season of your favorite summer dress by adding a leather jacket and polish off the look with matching shoes and accent with sparkly accessories.