ALL IN THE DETAILS: Little Bit of Leather

May 5th, 2015 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Little Bit of Leather

Leather has taken street style by storm. From your classic leather jackets, to shirts, to pants, leather has become a fabric of accessory. Street style is a huge supporter of leather, specifically leather jackets and pants. The look can easily be grunge if paired with a pair of combat boots or more traditional if paired with a oversized button-down or sweater.

At first glance, this Fashionista seems to be wearing the perfect internship outfit. The black skater skirt is a twist on your classic office wear and her striped button down is a fun way to add some color to the ensemble. Her black flats are the perfect shoe to wear with an outfit to keep it closer to the casual side. Working in a city such as D.C, flats are the way to go with the amount of walking that people do.

Looking more carefully at her outfit, I noticed the bottom of her skater skirt is trimmed with black leather. I love how this Fashionista took a fabric/trend that’s popular in street style now and incorporated it into her outfit to make a fashionable, work appropriate outfit. Before this, I saw leather as creating a grunge look and I never thought of incorporating small amounts into a business outfit. This Fashionista really shows that a little bit can go a long way and you can incorporate almost any trend in a business outfit if its done minimally and appropriately.

How To: Any trend can be incorporated into an outfit if done in the right way. For a business outfit, trends can be incorporated; however, it is important to add small amounts and keep it professional. Obsessed with leather like I am and want to wear it to work? Leather peplum tops or black blazers with leather accents are a great way to satisfy your leather cravings while keeping it office appropriate.