ALL IN THE DETAILS: Listening to Monroe in Denim

Let’s get real for a moment. Sometimes, you do not want to put any effort into what you’re wearing. I get it. Getting ready for class doesn’t have to be a hassle. Thank goodness for your good old blue jeans. You can easily look put-together in a little amount of time.

Denim can always be trusted, no matter the weather. It’s sunny? Wear denim high-waisted shorts. There’s a blizzard? Pull out your skinny jeans and boots. The Apocalypse is here? Ripped jeans are always in style.

It was 1853 when Levi Strauss brought the glorious fabric to the United States. Since then, your favorite pair have been there for you through thick and thin. Like when you spilled milk on them moments before walking into class (true story); thank goodness for dark wash.

This Fashionista is wearing a laid back denim look. Her chambray button-down shirt and jeans are not the same shade; this makes the look work. Two separate shades brings more appeal to the outfit. Chambray is a great fabric to wear in the fall. It’s lightweight and is perfect for the cool weather.

Jewelry can be a great addition to an outfit. This Fashionista went with the “less is more” route. She is wearing a delicate necklace and two rings.

Marilyn Monroe is widely credited for saying, “give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”

She was right. This Fashionista’s black booties take the outfit to the next level. With the look otherwise composed of chambray and denim, all of the attention goes straight to the shoes. They help the outfit look well thought out—even if it’s not. That’s the trick.

How To: Choose accessories and shoes wisely. Any type of jewelry can work with this look; however, try to keep it simple or stick with one statement piece. Remember that you can always adjust your jeans to fit the pair of shoes that you choose. This Fashionista rolled up the bottom of her jeans to show off her great booties. But most importantly, be confident. You will carry yourself differently. Confidence will help you conquer the world—along with great shoes, of course!