Ohio: home of the Buckeyes, Lebron James and never-ending winter. This winter has been a particularly tough one, the coldest in years and seemingly extra long. It seems to be getting harder and harder to put together a decent outfit, especially when layering makes it necessary to do laundry twice as often. But there is hope. Spring might actually be coming. This Fashionista’s lip color keeps me hopeful for spring, and it’s the perfect complement to an easy, casual winter ensemble.

Holly Golightly’s perfectly pouty lips in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Claire Standish’s lipstick trick during that famous Saturday detention in The Breakfast Club prove that lip color is a trend that will never go away. Lip color has been everywhere lately, ranging from dark, moody purples to happy, bright pinks like the one this Fashionista is sporting. From the red carpet to baseball games, lip color is really the perfect accessory for any occasion. It can easily be dressed up with a gorgeous dress, or it can take an everyday look to the next level, which is exactly what this Fashionista did. Other than the fab lips, this Fashionista is wearing the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans rolled up to show off her boots. Her T-shirt is nonchalantly tucked in for a little extra shape and her gold geometric necklace is an easy but impactful way to show off her personal style.

How To: Vaseline is the chapped lip savior this time of year. Apply it before bed and each morning to keep your lips from looking cracked and dry under your lipstick. When using a dramatic color, use concealer around your lips to really make the color stand out!