April 1st, 2016 at 2:00am

Minimalism is a lifestyle, and booming in popularity at the moment. From capsule wardrobes, to living spaces, eating habits and buying habits, minimalism is all about living comfortably and happily with less. It requires a certain mindset, something desired by many, and has sparked a following in millennials. If you take five minutes to scroll through various Instagram feeds, clean white photographs with simplistic subjects will be the most popular theme. Next time you binge watch HGTV on a Saturday morning, you’ll notice most kitchens have white cabinets and white countertops. It all comes back to the simplistic lifestyle. When you immerse yourself into a life that breaks down to the bare minimum, you can start to appreciate more of what’s around you. This goes for fashion, as well. Sporting an outfit made up of easy basics can be more attractive and trendy than trying too hard to impress.

This Fashionista has achieved a classy and effortless look that requires no fuss. She turns heads without wearing something that screams “Look at me!” The key to her success is the color scheme. All-black with a touch of camel, these neutrals complement and contrast perfectly. Also, note that there are no prints or textures that take away from the aesthetic of this look. Her choice of clothing items are narrowed down to basics: a cotton T-shirt dress that can be worn in any season, a wool coat, classic over-the-knee boots and a go-to pair of sunglasses. This is a look that everyone can mimic, but easily make their own.

How To: Start by choosing one solid piece of clothing to build your outfit around, for instance, a T-shirt dress. Then, choose other staple items in the same or complementary colors. Try to stick to two colors and leave accessories to a minimum because, remember, less is always more.