April 22nd, 2015 at 2:00am

Jeans are so easy to wear with every single outfit. They match with almost everything and it’s basically effortless to just throw a pair on. But, are you sick of just having the same look every day and are longing for any way that you can spice up your look? Printed pants are a fantastic way to bring more edge to your outfit and they can be way comfier than jeans.

This Fashionista is not afraid of bringing print into her attire. Her leopard print pants instantly give her look an upgrade. She even paired them with a black top that has a chevron print running through it. I love how the two patterns work together. I always use the rule of different sized prints when putting them in the same outfit. When one print is smaller than the other or is even a solid color, they usually work together instead of clashing. She kept it simpler when it came to the jewelry with pearl earrings and a ring. Her sandals and sunglasses incorporate all of the colors in the outfit and really help to pull the look together.

How To: If you’re scared of rocking those printed pants that you just bought, try making the rest of your look simple. Go with a solid colored shirt and shoes that incorporate the same coloration of your outfit. When in doubt, go with a neutral shirt so that you will not run the risk of clashing. If you’re feeling like taking that risk, try mixing patterns. It’s always fun to see how many different looks you never thought you could make when you start experimenting!