ALL IN THE DETAILS: Leather Weather

I’m so excited that it’s finally getting a little colder. It’s finally becoming “leather weather!” Leather jackets are a staple piece for the fall. They add a nice touch to an outfit. I’ve seen many leather jackets on campus so far. I can’t wait to bring mine out. I have a few to choose from. My favorite has to be my tan one. I’ve been looking for a new one, and I plan to thrift one.

I spotted this Fashionisto in science class. The weather today was quite ugly; it was very cloudy and cold. When we were taking these pictures, it started to rain, which was unexpected. This Fashionisto’s outfit took my attention away from the nasty weather. His outfit was very laid back and comfortable. His long T-shirt was perfect paired with his leather jacket. Long T-shirts are one of my favorites, because they are good layering pieces. His chelsea boots can be found here. The Fashionisto’s Cheap Monday jeans added a nice touch to his outfit. His outfit didn’t need many accessories so he just added this Gucci necklace. The silver necklace went perfectly with the silver hardware in his jacket. Of course, my favorite part of this look is his jacket. I loved the silver hardware. There were so many details in the jacket, and it looked very worn and beat down. The Fashionisto was lucky enough to find this jacket at Buffalo Exchange in great condition.

How To: Make sure you check out some leather jackets so you can recreate this look.  This one is personally my favorite.