ALL IN THE DETAILS: Layers, Layers, Layers

One of my favorite things to do when it gets chilly outside is to layer up. It not only is super fashionable, but it gives you a bunch of layers you can always peel away as it gets warmer. Then the opposite, when it gets colder, you can just put them back on depending on how cold or hot the temperature is.

Spotted not too far away was this Fashionista, who is a prime example of what I like to do best: layer up. She kept it simple by wearing a subtle shirt and cardigan, topping it off with a patterned jacket. As she picked colors from an array of red hues, I loved how she kept the same color scheme throughout the entire outfit with a pop of maroon in the scarf.

The patterns on the jacket gave the look some texture as well as an Aztec-like look as it was paired with light brown boots. I really liked how put together this outfit was with everything matching in one way or another as the color also gave it a light feel.

How To: Because of the simplicity of this look, this outfit will be very easy to achieve. Put together a maroon or some type of red/dark red-colored infinity scarf, brown boots, white shirtlight beige cardigan and a patterned jacket. Make sure to keep the color scheme similar so that it matches in some way to avoid making it look complicated or tacky. Then, when in doubt, accessorize. But, remember not to over do it.