ALL IN THE DETAILS: Layering Up For Fall

October 14th, 2015 at 2:07am

Layers and scarves and boots… Oh my! Fall is a Fashionista’s favorite season. With chilly weather on Central Michigan’s mind, students take to their closets to find the perfect fall essentials.

This Fashionista has fall covered. She started off with the basics, a plain white T-shirt and a pair of comfy leggings from Lucy. To add some style and warmth to her look, she added an olive jacket. This is an excellent alternative to the classic denim jacket. Plus the olive color screams fall. To add additional color, she threw on a plaid scarf, which, might I add, is incredibly soft and marvelously accented the red lip. Often understated, lipstick can change an entire look. It can instantly make you look put together. So next time you are in a rush and are feeling drab, throw on a bright red or berry lip.

This Fashionista also doesn’t sacrifice comfort for style. She chooses rain boots from Sperry Top-Sider that keep her toes nice and toasty in the crisp fall air. Lastly, she perfects the look with an effortless ponytail. Who knew looking so good was this easy?

Layering is my favorite aspect of fall. Being able to create new looks just by adding scarves or jackets make fashion so much fun. I’m currently digging plaid, whether it’s in a flannel or a scarf.

How To: Rocking layers is essential for fall. They’re practical and cute. Although it looks complicated, layering is as simple as grabbing a sweater, a jacket and a scarf from your closet. When layering work with different textiles. A fuzzy scarf with definitely pop against a plain cotton T-shirt.