ALL IN THE DETAILS: Layering The Classic Collar

Officially, spring may have started but we are still feeling the chilly temperatures. At this point no one wants to wear their heavy winter coats anymore. That is where layering becomes your new best friend. Layers are particularly helpful here in Geneseo where it can snow in the morning and that same afternoon be 60 degrees and sunny. This confusing weather creates the need for a versatile outfit that can adapt as quickly as the changing conditions outside.

One classic layering look is a collared shirt underneath a sweater or pullover. This not only provides extra warmth but also is fashionable. Collared shirts are an easy way to mix up your look because they come in so many fabrics, colors and designs. One of my wardrobe staples is a denim shirt that I frequently wear underneath graphic print sweatshirts. Denim is not usually seen as dressy, but even a denim collar adds a refined element to any outfit.

This Fashionisto created his own polished look with a light blue button-up shirt underneath a dark gray crewneck sweater. This combination could easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. This Fashionisto made the collar and sweater pairing casual with jeans and white sneakers. His outfit is put together while also being comfortable for a rainy day filled with classes. A collared shirt is a very simple way to class up any look and an absolute wardrobe staple.

How To: Take any collared shirt and pair it with your favorite sweater. Extra points if your collar is embellished! Remember that if you are wearing a looser top to combine it with an equally roomy sweater to avoid any awkward fabric lumps.