ALL IN THE DETAILS: Layered Jewelry

Appearing in fashion magazines such as Vogue and Nylon and transforming outfits in Topshop and Free People catalogues, the trend of layering necklaces and rings is making a comeback in all corners of the fashion world. Dating back to the Renaissance era, stacking jewelry was a sign of wealth and sophistication; instead of sporting just their favorite piece, women would decide against indecisiveness and layer multiple elegant jewels around their necks and fingers. Like most trends, this one in particular is ever so cyclical, making its way back into today’s fashion realm.

Strutting the trend of layered jewelry is pretty simple. All that is needed is several (or however many you wish) necklaces of different lengths and designs as well as thick and thin rings. Variety is key to pulling off this look—go for choker length necklaces, chunky chains, studded rings, pendants, geometric shapes and gold and silver finishes.

I noticed this Fashionista pulling off this trend exceptionally well. Playing on the gradual building length of her necklaces, she stacks up (literally) to perfection. The simplistic beading on her jewelry makes the look casual and campus worthy. Continuing with the theme of delicateness, her rings add a vintage vibe to her edgy outfit. This Fashionista excelled in mixing up different metals with her gold zippered jacket and silver chained necklaces.

How To: Find any and all jewelry you own and experiment with different lengths, colors, beading and finishes! You can’t go wrong with this trend because it is easy to pull off and is fabulous!