ALL IN THE DETAILS: Layer Upon Layer

With December comes cold weather in the Midwest. This college student is all bundled up to face the brutal weather. In Chicago, you must become accustomed to walking everywhere, so clothes that are warm in the winter season are a part of any Chicagoan’s wardrobe. However, she wanted to do it fashionably and that she did.

The notorious, brutal, Chicago cold has set in, so it is time to bring out the winter jackets that have been sitting in the closet for months. One of the trendiest styles for women this winter season are long coats. She is wearing a long, gray coat with a flannel on underneath, to not only keep warm, but to show off her plaid. Plaid is a popular choice for the fall and winter months especially and has a cozy and casual feel to it. It is the perfect addition to any outfit during the winter months.

Winter makes it difficult to showcase great style with all the layers required to stay warm. It is not stopping this Fashionista. She pairs a graphic T-shirt with black, high-waisted skinny jeans to show of her hipster style. Her black converse are an excellent addition to her outfit but to add a pop of color and keep her feet warm, she incorporated boot socks. Boot socks of any color and style are a way to make any fall or winter outfit more fashionable. It will never be a wrong choice during the cold months.

I’d say she is rocking her cold weather attire, don’t you?