While you’re off dreaming of the summer sun, don’t let these snowy days get in the way of perfecting an adorable layered look in February.

Styling denim for winter can be such a drag. Talk about the last article of clothing you want to put on when you are hiking to class or trying to stay warm when the snow won’t stop coming down. Those days when you want nothing more than to walk out of your dorm in comfy pajamas from the night before, but you know your productivity levels will plummet sporting a slept-in look. But honestly, with the right layering and perfect denim choice, this will change your attitude instantly! Denim should always be at the top of your list of OOTD essentials no matter what season you’re experiencing.

In an effort to keep her wardrobe light and bright, I simply adored this gal I came across on campus who really knew how to work that winter white. This cutie had one of the most effortlessly put together looks. Going into the weekend, she put a new flair on this uniform style. Layering a plaid top under her chunky knit sweater she let the collar and sleeves peek out for a preppy look. She added a versatile rib-knit beanie, in a gorgeous mustard color, which went so well against her tanned skin. Having cozy accessories on hand definitely helps to tie together a cohesive outfit when the temperatures start to drop. Styling an over-the-knee boot, the new trendy accessory adds a sleek touch. With her long legs, she rocks a slim leather boot, adding to this feminine look.

When that cold weather hits, it’s easy to get trapped into bulking up in layers and neglecting an essence of style. In my opinion, winter weather calls for proportions. With a thicker sweater on top, I always suggest a tighter fitting jean in darker tones on bottom. This combination will create an illusion of slimmer legs and even out the ratio from the top to the bottom, showing your curves in the right places. Styling more fitted tops as a base draws a slimmer waist and eliminates any unnecessary volume. Take those pieces that no longer cut it for winter and find creative ways to keep them around. Think about adding tights under your ripped jeans, to layering basic neutral long sleeve tops under your sweaters. Don’t overthink it, just pair together your favorite pieces.

Coco Chanel preached, “Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.” Once you begin to play around with your winter wardrobe, you’ll begin to realize the method to this madness of what works best for your body type. As you become more familiar with your body, it’s totally time to go outside the box with mixings of patterns, textures, and colors. There is nothing cooler than sticking to your own perfected personal style. Get comfortable and get confident, there is nothing more attractive as you strut your stuff on campus!