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January 2nd, 2015 at 2:00am

Now that it is January, that means that winter weather is officially here. While we pine for the occasional day of 40-degree temperatures, the reality is that the cold weather is here and staying for the foreseeable future.

Instead of giving in and spending the next two months holed up in your apartment in sweatpants with six seasons of Lost to conquer, learn to one up this cold front in style. This Fashionista’s winter fashion weapon of choice? Perfectly executed layers.

While her cable knit sweater layered under green anorak is definitely a smart dressing move, what really stood out to me was her styling from the knee down. Having a pair of tall riding boots is an essential for all Fashionistas. Sure, they look chic and have a classic, preppy feel to them. But, perhaps more importantly in winter, they are extremely useful in keeping your calves, legs and feet protected from the elements, such as wind and snow. The leather is durable and the warm cognac color is a great neutral for day or night.

This Fashionista stepped up her layer game by also adding a pair of knee-high knit socks into the mix. The lush cream color looks beautiful contrasted against the other neutrals in her overall ensemble. Relative to its size, the extra peep of color and texture packs some serious punch. The socks also are functional. They add a secondary layer of warmth for those extra chilly days.

So instead of caving and letting winter truly dictate your every move, push back with the help of perfectly executed layers, like this Fashionista.

How To: It’s all about proportions when it comes to layers. Find a pair of knee-highs that hit two-three inches above your boots for the perfect ratio of sock to boot.