April 8th, 2016 at 2:00am

During the winter, you have to get creative if you want to stay warm but look fashionable at the same time. Layers become a part of every outfit whether you want them to or not. Spring is a bit different. The weather warms up, and soon just a pair of jeans and a light T-shirt suffices as an acceptable outfit. There is no need for bulky coats or for button-ups to be worn under thick knit sweaters. All you need is a floral mini dress and a pair of tennis shoes and you’re good to go.

Although the lack of need for layers can be seen as a luxury come spring time, it also can get a bit boring. I tend to look in my closet and think, “Wow, I have nothing to wear,” more in the spring than I do in the winter. There are less ways to wear spring pieces. That’s where layering comes in. You can virtually turn old pieces new again by combining them and making them feel like you just bought it yesterday.

This Fashionista has mastered the art of layering. The first layer consists of a gray mesh T-shirt. Wearing anything made of mesh is not for the faint of heart, but this Fashionista absolutely nailed it. She made it work by adding a black cropped top over the shirt; while some would think to put something under the shirt instead. She then adds yet a third layer by throwing on a lightweight black jacket with edgy leather details on the lapels.

She then wears the coolest pair of black culottes you ever did see. These pants are definitely a spring staple. They’re a breezy alternative to denim shorts for when it’s 70 degrees outside, but your legs just aren’t feeling the exposure. They’re also great for when it’s warm and sunny outside, but you’re not ready to part with the color black quite yet. She finishes off her look with a pair of black Chelsea boots with a little bit of detailing on them. Spring never looked so cool.

How To: Go to your closet and choose a T-shirt and a tank top. Put the tank top over the T-shirt, grab some loose pants and your favorite pair of black ankle boots, and you’re good to go.