ALL IN THE DETAILS: Lace, Plaid And All That's RAD

April 14th, 2016 at 2:00am

The weather is warming up and we are moving into what I affectionately call in-between weather. It isn’t warm enough to break out those lace shorts you’ve been eyeing since November,  yet your oversized sweaters make you break out into a sweat during your early morning commute across campus. So what’s a Fashionista to do while Mother Nature figures out what season it is? Layer, layer, layer my friends. We all have those spring dresses and fall flannels but never intermix such different styles and fabrics. So why not take a step on the wild side and mix those fabrics? The key is adding the right accessories to round out your entire outfit, giving you that perfect vibe for that not so perfect weather.

This Fashionista perfectly contrasts the sweet lace of her cream dress with the burgundy plaid of her flannel, giving that tough as nails vibe with a touch of sugar. Although many would believe that the contrasting fabrics would clash, she sticks to a solid color scheme throughout the entire look, giving a refined yet fun look for class. The classic tan combat boots also add to the overall toughness of the outfit and are light enough for those cool days on campus. To really bring the entire look together, this Fashionista added a thick gold bracelet for an added amount of glam and a fringed bag, which add the perfect dash of boho. To top it off, a pair of mirrored aviators bring her casual outfit that cool girl vibe.

How To: To bring this look to your campus, all you need is a few of these staple accessories. With a thick gold bracelet, aviators and fringed bag, you’ll be able to rock this look on your campus, no matter what the weather.