May 6th, 2015 at 2:00am

Spring is here to stay! A timeless trend that is prefect for spring, and any season for that matter, is lace. Lace can be styled for days full of sunshine or those of snowy showers. However, in the winter there is a need for some more layering when sporting lace, while in the spring the lightweight material allows you to stay stylish and breezy all day. The romantic fabric is sure to make you look sophisticated, feminine and right on-trend. I mean what more can a Fashionista ask for, right?

This Fashionista is a prime example of why lace is perfect for spring fashion. Her lace backed long sleeve shirt is super light, but it’s still warm enough for 60-degree weather. Her gray shirt is the perfect balance between the cotton and lace detail on the back. Her fully lace back is a little risky, but with a tank on underneath it’s perfect for any daytime activity. There are so many options when it comes to the lace trend. You can mix different fabrics and patterns or keep it simple and classy with the lace material being the center of your ensemble. The trend is truly versatile and allows any girly girl to make this look her own.

Also, this Fashionista’s shoes are very fun and different. Her shirt is simple and chic, but her shoes have allowed her to add some flare and personality to the classic look. These espadrilles are truly a conversation starter. As any Fashionista knows, pieces that start up a conversation are usually keepers. Overall, this Fashionista can do no wrong; her ensemble proves that lace mixed with some funkiness only enhances an ensemble.

How To: Going out for a night on the town? Throw on a bandeau instead of a tank top and I’m sure you’ll be turning some heads with that flirty lace back shirt of yours!