Lace-up flats are so hot right now. If you’re like me and really dislike wearing sandals, lace-up flats are the perfect go-to summer shoe for you. They’re a fun twist on the most classic shoe and can be styled to fit any personality. This Fashionista shows off her way of wearing this awesome trend for the upcoming warmer temperatures we are about to endure.

Her outfit is quintessential Northeastern-chic. The white button-down is a prepster favorite. When tucked into her high-waisted back shorts, it shows off her body’s curves without being too revealing or dramatic. The teal beaded necklace she added infuses some of her own personal flair into the look. It’s a fun statement piece in a color reminiscent of the beach. If I learned anything from working at J.Crew, it’s that a simple denim jacket can add infinitely more style to any outfit. This Fashionista must have been up to date on her J.Crew Style Guide reading because this denim addition elevates her look to a whole new level. Her oversized sunglasses are a must because we’re finally getting some super sunny days here in D.C., and there is nothing chic about UV damage. They’re both fashionable and functional as they shield her face from the harsh rays coming down.

The lace-up flats this Fashionista chose to add are a great neutral alternative to beige or brown. The taupe color is great because it embraces both cool and warm tones and is universally flattering on any skin tone. I love the trendy shoe paired with this classic outfit.

How To: As I mentioned before, there is a lace-up flat for you out there no matter what style you tend to dress in. Take after the featured Fashionista and try a plain pair with pointed toe in a neutral color. A perforated take on the shoe is a great option for those days when it’s unnaturally hot outside, but you still refuse to show your toes to the world in a pair of sandals. If you’re feeling adventurous, a printed or metallic pair could be just what you are looking for. A rounded toe variation is unexpected and softer than the typical pointed toe lace-up flat.