May 6th, 2015 at 2:10am

Over the past few weeks, the South Bend weather has taken us on an emotional roller coaster. It’s like watching a movie that starts off as a comedy and then switches to suspense before simply becoming a tragedy. We watched the sun come out, ushering in the spring season. The flowers bloomed and the bees buzzed. The following week, it snowed. It really snowed for a whole day! Now, the newly bloomed flowers are starting to wither and the leaves are falling. It looks very much like fall. But according to the calendar, it’s spring. So what do we call this? A fling?

This Fashionista, like many others on campus, is dressed like we are in fall. It’s only appropriate because that’s what it feels like. Aside from the confusion this constant change causes, I personally do not have much to complain about. Fall is my favorite season when it comes to fashion. It’s the season of purple, my favorite color! That is why my favorite piece in this look is her hat.

Hats are great for all seasons but winter. However, I feel that they are best during the fall. Since we are going back in seasons, it’s the perfect time to pull out your hats. Like Carry Bradshaw, Beyoncé, Audrey Hepburn and Pharrell (of course) will tell you, hats make your outfit much more exciting. A simple, casual look can become event-ready with a hat.

How To: For those of you who are experiencing springtime, there’s plenty of room to wear hats. As we inch closer to summer, the sound of the beach waves gets louder. It’s time to bring out those sunhats to complement your swimsuit! From fedoras to bowlers, a hat is always a classy touch! If you’re going for a casual look, wear a loose white tank top and a pair of ripped jeans. Finish off the look with cute wedges.