ALL IN THE DETAILS: It’s Always Sunny

May 9th, 2016 at 2:10am

There is only one accessory that is foolproof when it comes to looking cool, and that is a trendy pair of sunglasses. With the semester wrapping up and summer approaching, it is time to find the right pair of sunglasses for you. Sunglasses are appropriate for every occasion and every outfit, no matter how casual it is. Make sure to study hard for those final exams so that you can treat yourself after!

This Fashionista is rocking a pair of round Ray-Ban sunglasses with copper flash lenses. These sunglasses are a cool focus point for the entire outfit. The color and reflection stands out and nicely complements her skin tone and platinum blonde hair. This Fashionista could be wearing a paper bag and she would still look stylish with these lenses. However, the rest of her outfit is fabulous as well and is a perfect way to bring in the summer. This airy, cream top flows effortlessly and can be mixed with a number of outfits. It is a lightweight linen T-shirt that is comfy for hot, sunny days. A blue denim button skirt is an item every Fashionista needs for the season. If you don’t already own one, you can easily find one at nearly any retail store. It can take you from a music festival to the streets. These Ralph Lauren Polo sneakers keep the outfit casual and on the go while still looking cute. The other accessories make this outfit feminine and personal. I am all for a good statement necklace and this particular necklace combines bohemian and vintage styles. The feminine look continues with the rings, specifically the bow and pearl details. The outfit is complete with this simple dark-brown leather cross body bag. The tassel features add-on to the festival vibe.

How To: Finding the right sunglasses is important. You want to make sure they complement your face, while still representing your personal style. If you have the extra cash, go all out and snag a quality pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. For those that aren’t ready to invest, head to Target. Step out of your comfort zone and try on different styles that you wouldn’t normally try—it may surprise you! At the end of the day, find a pair that are comfortable for you and rock them!