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ALL IN THE DETAILS: It's All About The Kicks

November 13th, 2015 at 2:00am

Shoes are the cherry on top of any outfit: They are the perfect finishing touch that brings the whole ensemble together. The best part? There are endless styles, colors and heights to match everyone’s personal style.

This Fashionista is a shoe queen. Her outfits are always on point from her head down to her toes. Here, she is rocking Coach’s Richmond Swagger Sneaker. It is a classic, white, leather high top with a gold buckle. The classic white sneaker has been a hidden trend for the past eight years, being more prominent in the late ’90s and early 2000s. Another trend this Fashionista is showcasing is the classic black dress. Her shift dress continues the casual, stylish look she is going for. These two pieces are easy to add too. In her case she was feeling more edgy, topping the outfit off with a loose gray vest. She finishes the look with some simple, yet necessary accessories. Her black studded bag, silver chained charmed necklace and stunna shades add some extra detail. My favorite part? She is not afraid of cool, earth tones and pairing them with white. Her white sneakers and off-gray vest easily complement each other. Many people see it as a fashion faux pas but I say embrace it.

Choosing the perfect pair of shoes is never an easy job. Standing in front of the closet, staring blankly at the bottomless pit of shoes is a daily struggle we all face. A little advice: pick out your outfit essentials before your accessories and shoes. The patterns and colors that your outfit contains will help you determine the shoe that’s best for you. Wearing bright patterned pants? Go with a more neutral shoe. Or if you’re like me and every outfit you wear consists of something black, choose a patterned shoe, like a pair of cheetah print flats.

How To: Never be afraid to contrast looks. By pairing sneakers with a dress you can create a “sporty spice” vibe that’s comfortable and fashionable.