ALL IN THE DETAILS: It's All About the Detail(gate)

Just when tailgating season seems to be over, both the men’s and women’s Syracuse basketball teams are going to the Final Four!! But what to wear among the sea of orange and blue at the famous tailgate spot, Castle Court? First, make sure your outfit is comfortable. Tailgates are all day events, therefore comfort is key.

During the cold Syracuse months in the fall (and even in the spring), sweatshirts are the easiest thing to throw on to quickly get the celebration started. These bleached and cut sweatshirts can be found all over social media (especially Instagram) but save your money and try to craft one yourself! It’s super easy and fun to do with your friends when you’re trapped in the dorm and can’t face the cold. All you need is a small plastic spray bottle, some liquid bleach, a hanger and a pair of scissors to craft your next tailgate masterpiece.

Sunglasses are key to completing the perfect tailgate outfit. To be extra festive, try picking a pair that have the lens color of your school! Different brands make many different colored lenses so finding a pair that works with your school colors should be easy. Want more accessories? Add an orange and blue bracelet and a wrap necklace like the ones this Fashionista is wearing.

How To: To match this Fashionista’s style, get crafty! A cheap sweatshirt and a spray bottle filled with liquid bleach guarantees that you’ll stand out amongst the crowd. To make your own accessory, try cutting a long strip of a flannel that has your school’s colors on it and make a wrap bracelet.