ALL IN THE DETAILS: It's a Blue Day and I'm Feeling Good

When we think of fall colors, we usually think of neutrals and darker hues. When It comes to fashion, I like to think outside of the box and I love when others do as well. That’s why I loved this Fashionista’s bright blue ensemble. The look was fun and eye-catching. This Fashionista’s personality is super bright and bubbly, just like her outfit.

For such a bright look, this Fashionista actually started off this look with a simple foundation with a black tank top and black flouncy skirt. She then layered the fun elements on top. My favorite part of this outfit is the textured lace periwinkle top that she layered on top. I loved the unique effect it gives, especially layered with the black underneath. If you thought pastels and black didn’t go together, you were mistaken. This Fashionista added basic black flip flops to this outfit, which I think was a great idea. It kept the look from being too dressy for day to day.

For accessories, this Fashionista added a bright blue statement necklace and bold reflective sunglasses. I thought the combination of these two accessories was unique and unexpected. The sunglasses were more casual while the necklace was definitely more formal. Combined, they made the perfect additions to this feminine and fun outfit.

If you want to transition this into colder weather, you can definitely do that. You can add on a coat, either in black, blue, or gray.  You can also layer some tights underneath, in any of the colors I mentioned previously. Finally, switch the flip flops out for some black boots. A few of these simple switches and this outfit is great all year round.

I love anytime anyone dresses against what the season usually calls for. I love seeing black in the summer and florals in the winter. They’re beautiful even if they don’t make sense, which describes pretty much everything I gravitate toward in my day to day life. If I were the one wearing this outfit, I’d never feel blue.

How To: If you’re not into blue, you can achieve this look with just about any color. Start with a black skirt and tank top, layer on a patterned knit top, and add complementary accessories.