ALL IN THE DETAILS: International Clothing

Purdue is one of the universities that has a very large international student population. When students leave their countries, they bring with them their culture, traditions, food and traditional clothing. Sometimes it is hard to take the traditional clothing and wear it for everyday life.  Some traditional clothing are very heavy or have a lot of accessories that make wearing them the entire day uncomfortable. But it really depends on what country you are from. You can wear traditional clothing in different ways: as it is or simplified with additional pieces.

The dress in this look is a traditional dress from the country of Ghana. Since this dress is homemade, it is hard to find another one that is as unique as this one. However, there are dresses that look similar to it. The colors of the dress are very vibrant that radiate to the entire outfit. The dress is combined with a light blue denim jacket that contrasts the colors of the dress and complements them at the same time. Another item of the outfit are the boots, which go very well together and really add to the outfit.

This dress could be also worn with flip flops or low heel sandals and without the jacket if the weather was warmer. The outfit also could be combined with a cardigan on top or a leather jacket. It is a very versatile dress that could be combined with a lot of different items. This outfit is a great way to show that you can always wear traditional clothing in everyday life. So don’t be afraid to wear any traditional clothing.

How To: To create a similar look, all you need is to find a traditional dress that you like and add to it other clothing items like a jacket and a pair of boots.