ALL IN THE DETAILS: Inspector Gadget

April 24th, 2015 at 2:00am

Although summer is getting closer, here in Indiana, cloudy rainy days are not over. We may get rid of our big warm coats, but it’s the time to take our trench coats out of our closets. This Fashionista’s outfit is just the perfect solution to those rainy spring days. The most eye-catching item in today’s outfit is the stunning trench. They have been used since the WWI and have continuously been on point season by season.

What I love about this type of coat is that it is comfortable and very practical at the same time. Although most common ones are camel or light brown ones recently, those with a navy touch have risen its popularity. Either way, they are definitely known for the touch of sophistication they provide; in just putting on one you’ll instantly feel classy. We should partially blame this to Burberry, a firm that has always been related to a British sophisticated style. But that has also been able to reinvent this classic coat adapting it to the changing trends.

Another article of clothing commonly known for its British, classic style is Hunter. They have also managed to stay relevant for over 150 years, especially increasing their popularity some years ago. We can first think that they are very simple rain boots, but this firm has managed to create different colors and forms to change the old conception of the rain boots only used by kids or as a working tool, and instead turning them into a fashionable item. I love the color chosen by the Fashionista because it’s not a very common one, and I like how she has matched it with some similar colored socks that give it a springy, fresh look.

How to: Assuming some rain boots and a trench are a must for today’s look, my personal recommendation is to wear them with a monochromatic skater skirt that will give a girly touch to the whole outfit.