ALL IN THE DETAILS: Illinois Summers and Timberlands to Boot

Sunshine, rain, wind and clouds: crazy weather is all a part of the summer weather experience here in Illinois. It’s extremely common to hear people say that Illinois weather is ridiculously unpredictable and even more, it’s common to hear people joking that they need to dress in half summer attire and half fall attire to be just somewhat prepared. Even though I absolutely love the rain and the atmosphere when it does, most people unfortunately don’t share those same sentiments. Want to know a secret? I’ve learned that dressing well, even in ugly weather, can make you feel like you’re editorial ready and make your day a lot less gloomy, so you might as well strap on your boots and put together a great outfit!

This Fashionisto is exemplifying Illinois fashion in his outfit; specifically he’s epitomizing Chicago fashion with this specific ensemble. Growing up in the city I realized quickly that every season is Timberland season. Chicagoan Fashionistos and Fashionistas can’t seem to ever put them up and honestly, being a Chicagoan myself, I’m definitely one of those people! Wearing these boots will keep your outfit fresh and edgy, but will still give you some leverage to be outside even in this crazy weather. Black Timberlands on darker days with jeans, to wheat nubuck Timberlands on sunny days with shorts and colored Timberlands like this Fashionisto’s red pair for a splash of color when needed—there’s a pair for every situation. Timberland boots are a staple in almost every Fashionisto and Fashionista closet around here and I’ve seen this trend spread rapidly to other campuses around the country as well.

This Fashionisto put his outfit together creatively with a fashion jersey, a suede hat and tan shorts, leaving the jersey open with a black T-shirt underneath for a more laid back look. When using tan clothing, gold accessories are a must! This particular outfit is paired with a simple gold watch in order to add some flare to the feeling of the ensemble but still keeps with the overall tone. Timberlands are always a staple in a Chicagoan’s closet and, as you see here, the weather never holds them back. As a whole, this is great for that summer rain where you’re smack dab in the middle of being hot and feeling like it’s a little too breezy.

How To: Not sure whether your outfit should lean more towards attire for a sunny day or a thunderstorm? Stay dry and stylish in a pair of Timberlands with your outfit. Throw on some colored Timberlands and color-block the rest of your outfit so that they can jazz up your look and still allow you to be prepared regardless the weather.