ALL IN THE DETAILS: Ice Cold Blue Hues

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Ice Cold Blue Hues

Ciao! I am currently spending a semester abroad in Urbino, Italy studying architecture with my colleagues, and so far it has been bliss! The weather here is vastly different from the summer-ey ‘winters’ that I was used to back in sunny ol’ Texas. Here, it seems like my friends and I are in a competition to find out who can catch the nastiest cold, but nonetheless, the weather provides a fashionable opportunity for the beautiful art of layering and comfy clothing!

This Fashionista warms up stylishly on a snowy day of classes in a cozy gray peacoat and a pair of black leggings, which not only elongate her legs, but also draws the focus of her elegant ensemble upwards towards her chunky, wool knitted scarf that perfectly frames her gorgeous face. Her choice of jewelry was clearly orchestrated to complement the blue color in her eyes while also playing alongside the different shades of blue in her scarf (and quite possibly, the ‘blue’ in the weather that day as well!). Needless to say, these colors work remarkably well as a whole!

This outfit can be effortlessly styled with a black pair of boots by day, just like this Fashionista has hers and by night, the low-heeled pair of boots can be opted for a pair of high heeled booties for drinks at a bar, a night out with friends, or just a more dressy event!

With just a simple shoe switch-up, this outfit can be totally transformed from ‘elegant, laid-back chic’ to ‘busy bombshell’ depending on the occasion!