ALL IN THE DETAILS: How to Rock Your Basics

ALL IN THE DETAILS: How to Rock Your Basics

We all have those days when we look into our closets and even though we have endless amounts of clothes, nothing is good enough. On these days we reach for our favorite jeans and T-shirt combo and call it quits. When it comes to a classic outfit like jeans and a T-shirt, putting some thought into the details of the outfit can take the basics to a whole new level. Whether it’s throwing on some layered necklaces, mixing up textures and patterns, or putting on those cool new shoes you got, putting some effort into the details of your outfit can make a huge difference.

For this outfit, this Fashionisto paired his favorite distressed black jeans with a Calvin Klein graphic T-shirt. To take this outfit to the next level, he added a faux leather moto jacket and velvet creepers from Puma.

The attention to detail is what pulls the outfit together. From the velvet material of the shoes to the ripped up jeans, every small detail is adding something huge to this outfit. My two favorite elements are his shoes and the jacket. In this all black outfit, a pair of maroon shoes is bound to stand out, and the velvet material is just an added bonus. The elevated creeper style also adds a very unique look to the outfit. A faux leather moto jacket is one of my favorite pieces in almost every outfit and that holds true in this case. The stitching and metal hardware on the jacket give an edgy look that pairs perfectly with this outfit.

This Fashionisto is the perfect example of how to take your basics to a whole new level. When you pay attention to the small things in an outfit, it makes a bigger difference than you would think. Mix up some textures, throw on those new cool shoes, and accessorize—the attention to detail will pay off and give your basics a whole new look!