May 11th, 2016 at 2:00am

Ahh, fraternities. It’s where girls go to either have their hopes and dreams made or shattered. Where boys become men. Where the sticky floors are for some reason never dealt with. And most importantly, where stereotypes are created. Oh the stereotypes. Are they untrue? I would argue it with the looks of this frat stud of a Fashionisto!

Polos, backwards hats and Sperry Top-Siders. What is it about these items that define the word “frat?” Do they portray a certain sex appeal that make the ladies swoon? Or do they remind the seniors of the good ol’ days in their freshman years where they went into a party expecting to find a boyfriend and came out the next morning with a hangover.

We can start with the collar. It’s professional no doubt. It tells the professors around that they mean business, without the restrictions of a full on button-up. This Fashionisto kept it cool for the Arizona weather by wearing this light yellow polo with the little Ralph Lauren horse. Notice the stains on it. There are none! Pairing it with the simple navy shorts, also without stains, is a nice match. His hat, of course, turned backwards, matches the navy shorts while representing a specific golf course he has assumedly been to. This hat lets people know that he is up to have a good time, but is also available to share a playful 18-hole course with you over some small political banter.

Onto the Sperry Top-Siders. I absolutely love them if you’re smart about the way you work them. Either wear socks or put some baby powder in those babies! Nobody wants to sit through an economics class being distracted from the supply and demand curves by the smell of a questionable substance. Plus the brown coloring goes with his navy scheme nicely.

How To: The first step of successfully mocking this look is to join a fraternity. Please don’t try to pull this off if you aren’t in a fraternity. Next, you can buy a Ralph Lauren polo at any department store in every color of the rainbow. Match it with some beige or navy shorts. Please no khakis. Then buy some brown Sperry Top-Siders at any male shoe store, along with a hat with a logo of something that represents a passion of yours. Turn it backwards and you’re good to go!