ALL IN THE DETAILS: Hold Onto Your Hats

Say hello to June and its best friend, humidity! Here on the East Coast, humidity haunts every corner of our universe and you can try, but you can’t hide from it. It makes you love the air conditioning in your beat-up car. It makes you bffls with inanimate objects like fans. It makes you want to wear nothing but a bathing suit, despite your summer body being completely not ready. It’s the worst invention of nature that currently exists and I dread it’s arrival every single year. Who wants to look nice when it is a struggle to even go outside for a minute without feeling like dying? Not me.

This Fashionista is not scared of a little moisture in the air. Blocking out the sunny rays that can only make humidity worse, her hat keeps her covered, cool and looking fashionable. It’s lightweight and aesthetically pleasing, but it is also practical and can save the birth of a couple freckles. Hats also provide a way to easily upgrade an outfit. This Fashionista rocks the basic Monday uniform of ripped jeans and a white T-shirt. Throwing on some mix-matched jewelry, the hat seamlessly weaves together the outfit while bringing the casualness down and the trendiness up.

Hats go with everything. Dresses, onesies, rompers, sandals, boots and jeans can all be worked into an outfit based around a hat. The options for hats are also endless; are you feeling wide-brimmed or fedora-like today? Beat the heat, look cute and work that hat!

How To: Next time your skins starts crawling because of the humidity levels, put down your bathing suit and throw on your favorite outfit. Whatever your go-to is, put it on and upgrade it with a hat. You’ll be the hottest Fashionista/o on the street, without being that hot of course.