Trends tend to recycle throughout history. I am sure not everyone can remember the first pair of Converse were made in 1917. Or when people started the high-waisted paint, bathing suit and everything in-between trend. History is made with the understanding that it may repeat itself. In fashion, it’s the same situation. Popular looks from years’ past recycle in fashion shows in some of the most cutting edge designers. Why change something that still works?

I spotted this Fashionista rocking an outfit sure to impress anyone from the ’80s. Her hipster throwback vibe definitely made her a standout across campus. We can send a special thanks to Madonna who started the international crop top controversy. In 1983 she appeared on stage in a tremendously revealing mesh crop top. This uproar started to bring crop tops into many mainstream stores. This Fashionista paired her hippy-dippy top with a light wash denim pair of jeans-sure to complement this throwback vibe. Finding the right pair of high-waisted jeans can feel unbearable at times, but finding the right wash can be the first step. Urban Outfitters has a tremendous array of jean styles that will be sure to knock your socks off.

One of my favorite elements of the look is her edgy metal and stone bracelet. The copper metal paired with the green stone creates an unusual combination that makes this item a collector’s piece. I love how the tones in the stone complement the shades in this Fashionista’s color scheme.

How To: First, find an edgy, hipster crop top fit for your midriff needs. Next, get a pair of fierce, funky pants that enhance any look. Finally, a rockin’ rock studded bracelet is the perfect accessory.