ALL IN THE DETAILS: Here Come The Sunnies

April 18th, 2016 at 2:10am

With the remaining school weeks left are in the single digits for many, and the daylight hours are longer (thanks, daylight savings), you’re probably spending quite a bit of time looking out the window waiting to get out in that warmth. When the weekend hits and you’re finally free to walk out of doors, sans puffer jacket and snow boots, you step outside, ready to welcome the sun on your skin. Instead, that line from last week’s Shakespeare study on Taming of the Shrew comes to mind: “I burn! I pine! I perish!”

You yourself are probably not blinded by love at first sight, though your eyes are probably dazzled by the––forgive the pun––unforeseen burst of bright sunlight the early days of spring have just sprung on your overcast-accustomed eyes. Exposed to unexpected sunlight? Not to worry, that’s why there’s Plan S: Sunglasses. Not only will you be protecting your eyes from those ultra-bright ultraviolets, you’ll also be stepping up your style game with some super rad shades.

Though it’s not yet summer, sunglasses have been popping up everywhere, as a trend both practical and stylishly impactful. Sunnies have been showing up in shows and on the streets for spring/summer 2016 in both men and womenswear. This Fashionisto brought his dark and neutral-toned ensemble up a notch with a pair of round rimmed specs. The sleek semi-transparent frame shape balances well with the linear stripe pattern of his shirt; the tint of his sun-specs tying together his ensemble as not just an add-on but an accessory creating “a look.”

How To: There are myriad ways to style a pair of sunnies, but, with maximalism and more-is-more being the cool-kid thing to do, definitely don’t shy away from adding some opulence with your oculars. You can either dress down and make them the focal point on your face, or treat them like the finial on an already-elaborate ensemble which makes a statement. Right now, what’s trending are round rims meet cat eye  (similar to what the pictured Fashionisto is wearing), bold, bright colored frames and lenses and wacky shapes. After determining what style sits well with your psyche, find which frames sit well on your face, and suddenly everyone’s the real Slim Shady.