ALL IN THE DETAILS: Head To Toe Black, Matrix-Style

Even the most fashionable individuals sometimes experience difficulty with two things: choosing the right colors and the right accessories. They think to themselves, “Do these colors really go together, am I over-accessorized, under-accessorized?” They will then go to their friends, gather opinions, put together another ensemble and begin the overwhelming process all over again. Well, something that’s great about this time of year is that one of those burdens can be taken right off your shoulders. Stop spending so much time worrying about your color combinations and simply choose black. Head to toe black has been a classic look among New Yorkers for decades due to it’s practicality and incredible thinning effects, and this season, it’s bigger than ever! We all have Coco Chanel and her little black dress to thank for this, now don’t we?

This Fashionista has a very sophisticated-chic, urban style. Because it’s Halloween season, she also takes advantage of the fact that the shade aligns perfectly with one of her favorite film trilogies, The Matrix. Having just left class, she approaches Downtown Kent in this eye-catching ensemble: a longline blazer from H&M, black jeans from Topshop and a sharp pair of River Island shoes. The head to toe black in itself is perfectly on-trend, but when paired with these Matrix-style sunglasses from Una Mae’s and marble rings from Topshop, the look becomes extremely original and unique. The glasses are the focal point of the overall look, and the great thing about them is their versatility and the fact that they are perfect for a variety of occasions—whether going to class, out to the bars or dressing up for Halloween!

How To: Want to imitate this look? If you have a longline blazer in your wardrobe, a black crop top, some chic black shoes and a pair of sunglasses with rectangular frames, you’re all set! The good news for you is that many of these items won’t cost you much and can be purchased from fast-fashion retailers like H&M!