April 20th, 2016 at 2:00am

While hats can be very casual and versatile, here in Florence, Italy, they are used to make a fashion statement. This Fashionista was spotted wearing a black floppy hat while strolling across the famous Ponte Vecchio. Hats are a conversation piece and can be the staple of any outfit. Hats add a certain flare to an outfit that shows off one’s confidence. It can also express a Fashionista’s personality.

This Fashionista’s outfit is simple, but with the details of her accessories she chose to pair it with, it is perfect for a spring day in Italy! She sticks to basic colors for her clothing so she can add bursts of color with her accessories. She chose to add a beautiful silver and white necklace and a pair of earrings. Her patterned scarf ties all the colors of the outfit together. This outfit is perfect for gradually adapting to the warm weather in Florence. Italians do not immediately wear summer clothing. They are all still bundled up this time of year. It is easy to spot an American in a crowd because we are already wearing sandals and dresses. This Fashionista is sporting some gladiator sandals with her look to ease into springtime fashion.

Hats are very much a trend at the moment, which means it is common to see women wearing an oversized floppy hat walking the streets. Hats can be used to cover up a bad hair day, support your favorite sport team or to dress up your outfit and look totally fashionable, like this Fashionista did. She perfectly constructed her whole outfit around her hat. Details can make or break an outfit and this Fashionista definitely knows how to pull off her hat while making her overall look cohesive.

How To: Many people love the look of floppy hats, but are too afraid or shy to wear them. Now is your chance! Try wearing the hat with a simple outfit like this Fashionista. Make the hat the main focus of your outfit and don’t be afraid to look RAD!