ALL IN THE DETAILS: Hats, Class, and a Little Sass

Mixing patterns and textures can always be a challenge but this Fashionista tackles this hot trend seamlessly! When I first saw her, my eye drew immediately to the hat (I’m a sucker for hats) but then when I noticed the accessories, I instantly fell in love with the small details that really pulled it all together. This look works because she owns her individual style without sacrificing comfort or function! It happened to be raining at the time so what better way to not worry about your hair than to throw on a hat!? Extra style points!

This Fashionista’s style is simply timeless and purely classic as staying true to oneself is key in defining a personal look and owning it like nobody’s business, of course! Inspired by Tocca and Anthropology, she stuck to a neutral color palette and experimented with the variety of blues in the accessories she owned. With the black fedora hat being the main focal point, she used the detailing in the hat’s band to her advantage by matching her necklace and scarf to it. As you can see, the scarf’s texture and navy hues reflect similarities to the hat’s band which also complimented the opal drop necklace. On top of that, the texture of the braid repeats the weaving motif in the scarf and hat band. Paired with black jeans, black combat boots, and a white ribbed sweater, this Fashionista’s ensemble is truly balanced and lives in beautiful harmony.

When getting dressed every morning, I find it essential to choose pieces that you’d want to stand out and then to neutralize the rest of the outfit so that it’s not overpowering the focus piece or details. As for finding your own style, avoid only following the short-lived trends because those will come and go and fashion will always change, but the style is eternal. As Coco Chanel best worded it, “fashion fades, only style remains the same.”

Now let’s see what your style means to you and how experimenting can elevate it! Don’t be afraid to shift the spotlight onto the small details and go outside your comfort zone! Be sure to give this post a RAD heart and check out my other posts for more campus looks, style tips, and fun fashion aesthetics!