April 28th, 2015 at 2:10am

Whoever made the saying “April showers bring May flowers” up was definitely right. It has been raining like crazy for the past couple of weeks. I better start seeing some spectacular flowers, Mother Nature. With all of this rain, it has been hard to get out of bed to go to class, let alone get up, look presentable and get to class. There’s something about rain that makes me want to just stay inside and watch Netflix in a onesie. Even though I wish that this could actually be a real possibility today, we #GirlBosses (and BoyBosses) need to get out of bed and make the most out of our day. Embrace each day not only by what you do, but also by what you wear. If you put even a little effort into what you are wearing, people will start to take notice. Even if you are just going to class, dress like you want to be there—at least pretend you want to be there.

This Fashionista’s hat is perfect for all of these April showers. Hats are the perfect accessories. A great hat will protect you from the weather—rain or shine. It also hides a horrible hair day, all while making you look chic. Every time there is even a slight chance of rain I throw on some type of hat. Whether it is a baseball cap, beanie or a felt hat like this Fashionista’s, hats are an amazing staple in any closet. When choosing the right hat make sure it is the right shape and that it fits your frame. These felt hats can go from chic to Harry Potter Sorting Hat really fast. You can also go out looking like Pharrell if you go too large with the size. Make sure to find a “Happy” (Pharrell pun if you didn’t catch that) medium.

This Fashionista completes her ensemble with a graphic T-shirt, a sweater, a pair of dark wash jeans and combat boots. These items are perfect for any rainy day.

How To: Have you always been afraid to rock a felt hat? A rainy day is a perfect excuse to add one to your outfit. Just make sure that the rest of your ensemble is simple. Make the hat the focus of your look.