Do you remember your first handbag? Was it so embellished and tiny that it blinded your eyes and only fit your Lip Smackers? Think about how that sequined, small bag compares to your handbag collection today.  You probably wouldn’t be caught dead with your once favorite purse!

As Fashionistas, our handbags are always a main feature of our outfits. If you’re like me, you switch up your handbag everyday to match your outfit but realistically, that task makes our morning routine much longer. Therefore, a simple, neutral-colored purse is the best option for everyday use. Spotted on the streets of Manhattan, this Fashionista sports an ideal handbag for the New York City trendsetter, a sleek and stylish Michael Kors Jet Set Tote in Luggage. This tote not only matches everything in your closet, but is practical, functional and shows off a gorgeous fall color.

The Michael Kors Jet Set Collection acts as a fashion liaison between travel and style, perfect for a busy student commuting to and from their school or internship. This sleek tote can complete either a casual outfit for class or a professional look for the office. It goes beyond its’ design features considering its’ durability, size and zip-top closure, all of which are important factors for choosing the perfect tote.  A large size allows you to throw all of your necessities for school and work into one pocketbook, as the zip-top closure keeps all of your goods safe and secure during rush hour.  This Fashionista revolves her outfit around her tote, pairing it with a burgundy dress to match Central Park’s foliage, a black peacoat, infinity scarf, statement earrings and matching boots to add an additional pop of color to her look.

How To: When styling your outfit around your purse, add matching accessories. Accessories, such as scarves and costume jewelry, add pretty finishing touches to your ensemble. Keep the rest of your look simple with modest colors to allow your handbag to stand out and make a statement.