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As stated in previous articles my taste in apparel has developed since the days of my freshmen year in high school. Then, when I thought of graphic tops I instantly thought of Delia’s and their quirky, dry humored T-shirts with puns embedded into them. While I am a fan of puns to this day, I leave them for awkward moments and not for my wardrobe. Now whenever I think of graphic tops, I not only think of T-shirts with simple, catchy phrases written across them made famous by stores like Brandy Melville, I also think of T-shirts and blouses covered in bold graphic prints.

Wearing a bright white cropped blouse with stripes and eye-catching printed flowers, this Fashionista masters incorporating graphic details in one’s outfit. Furthermore, the cropped blouse paired with black jeggings help to elongate her petite frame. The addition of platform strapped sandals give her even more height. She finishes off her look with a few rings and a purple cross-body to make her ensemble a perfect day-to-night look.

While Delia’s and their punny T-shirts might be gone (don’t fret, the ’90s chain is making a rumored comeback in fall 2015), it’s still possible to give your outfits some flair with the additions of graphic tops. It can be something simple or something daring like the top this Fashionista dons.

How To: Snag a graphic top with a bold print and add a chambray. Pair it with a pair of leather leggings and patent pumps for a chic and youthful outfit perfect for a concert or festival.

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