ALL IN THE DETAILS: Goodbye, Baseball Caps

Fishing on the river before school starts back seems like a lot of fun. Fashionistos aren’t trying to fish, but more so incorporate a fisherman’s style in with their own. Fisherman hats have become a cool trend worn by young men these days. The fisherman hat is often worn with an edgy style instead of the classic-gentleman look. Besides that, there is no limit to what this hat can be worn with: shorts, jeans, flip flops, sneakers, graphic T-shirts or jerseys.

This Fashionisto has on a stylish Dodgers button-down baseball jersey, dark-wash denim jean and a pair of navy blue Converse. Converse have been around for decades. They’re inexpensive and come in an unlimited variety of colors, making them easy to pair with any ensemble. The beige drawstring fisherman hat is what really does the trick, though. With a baseball T-shirt, most would expect to see this young man wearing a fitted baseball cap but he definitely switched it up. Fitted caps are common; however, fishermen hats have a few advantages over their opponents. For one, fisherman hats protect not just your face from the sun, but your neck as well. Secondly, they hide a bad haircut. Third, they come in a neutral color so you don’t have to buy 30 different caps just for one to go with your outfit. Three strikes and the baseball caps are out! Let’s be real this Fashionisto’s wardrobe would seem incomplete and not nearly as fun had it not been for his funky fisherman gear.

Accessorized with his lively garments are a rose gold Michael Kors watch, a white rubber wristband and a pair or black earrings.

How To: Think you can’t pull off a fisherman hat? Sure you can. Simply put one on with whatever you decide to wear for the day. Then, watch your entire outfit transform.