The dreary, cold months of winter are here, and adding any color to a dark landscape or equally dark outfit is a must. Not just any color, mind you, but the subtle hue of gold. One simple and effective option for that instant golden color is through accessories, like this modish Fashionista’s.

I saw this Fashionista standing outside of the campus student center, and I instantly knew her stylish winter apparel was accessorized to perfection with small gold accents. The bold chain necklace, alongside the delicate infinity earrings and nose piercing, added her own characteristic to her wardrobe. This Fashionista’s jewelry is not the only adornment that gave that gilded tone. The tortoise sunglasses, with their faint golden hue, swirled with the color brown, are an instant stylish success. The rest of this Fashionista’s attire is the familiar monochromatic winter clothing, consisting of a black puffer coat adorned with a faux fur hood, a knit scarf and thick black shirt. The combat boots, decorated with laces and buckles, add a more grungy touch that coordinates with the details of the grey-paneled moto pants. The grungy, cool vibe of the boots and pants pairs effortlessly with the elusive gold details of the jewelry. With that and her cool, tousled hair, this Fashionista has no problem beating the winter blues.

Gold jewelry is everywhere: you just have to keep digging until you discover the perfect fit for you. Whether that includes a statement necklace, a simple pendant or delicate earrings, just make sure you rock them with your winter outfit.

How To: Have a boring winter ensemble that is in desperate need of sprucing up? No worries! Pair your black winter coat, pants and dark boots with gold accents, like a statement necklace and small earrings.